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The Company’s first product is the VTek-graft.  This innovative prosthetic vascular graft represents a new paradigm in antithrombotic and anti-restenoses strategies.  This product uses an innovative polymer composite technology that significantly reduces platelet adhesion and aggregation, improves endothelial cell adhesion and proliferation, reduces smooth muscle cell proliferation, and reduces the graft scarring process referred to as intimal hyperplasia, as per ongoing pre-clinical studies. 
The Company's second product is the VTek Vessel-Aid, a periadventitial wrap designed to improve the outcome of bypass grafts or arterio-venous access, performed with either vein or prosthetic conduits.  These wraps, which are biodegradable, are soft and elastomeric and able to deliver a drug directly to the area where the vascular graft is connected to the host's artery or vein.  In pre-clinical studies, the product has shown promise in preventing scarring within the blood vessel by promoting a healthy environment for regeneration.